Paul writings RSS feed for public list Paul writings 2 Corinthians 8 and 9: a commentary on two administrative letters of the apostle Paul by Hans Dieter Betz A chronology of Paul's life by Robert Jewett A Conversation with Paul by Wolfgang Trilling A feminist componion to Paul by Levine, Amy-Jill and Blickenstaff, Marianne A theology of the Cross: the death of Jesus in the Pauline letters by Charles B. Cousar According to Paul: studies in the theology of the apostle by Joseph A. Fitzmyer SJ Alberione: Apostle of communication by Ugent, Antonio Ambassador for Christ: the life and teaching of Paul by William Barclay Apostle for our time: Pope Paul VI by John G. Clancy Building Christ's body by Montague, George T. Bursting the bonds? : a Jewish-Christian dialogue on Jesus and Paul by Leonard Swidler et al. Chapters in a life of Paul by John Knox Christ's resurrection in Pauline soteriology by David Michael Stanley SJ Christ's Resurrection in Pauline soteriology by David Michael Stanley SJ Christianity according to St. Paul by Charles A. Anderson Scott Cracks in an earthen vessel by Fitzgerald, John T Cross-cultural Paul by Cosgrove, Charles H Weiss, Herold and Yeo, K.K (Khiok-khng) Das Paulusbild in der neueren deutschen forschung by Karl Heinrich Rengstorf (ed.) DER Leidende apostle und sein herr: studien zur paulinishcen Christologie by Gnttgemanns, Erhardt Dictionary of Paul and his letters by Gerald F. Hawthorne, Ralph P. Martin (ed.) Die Wirkungen des heiligen geistes: nach der popul„ren anschanung der apostolischen zeit und der lehre des apostels Paulus by Hermann Gunkel Dying and rising with Christ by Callan, Terrance Esprit de Dieu, paroles d'hommes: Le rôle de l'esprit dans les ministères de la parole selon l'apôtre Paul by Max-Alain Chevallier Exégèse rabbinique et exégèse paulinienne by Joseph Bonsirven SJ Francis Libermann: apostle of Africa by Michael O'Carroll CSSp Friend Paul: his Letters, theology and humanity by Flanagan, Neal Friend Paul: letters, theology, humanity by Flanagan, Neal Gripped by God in Christ: mind and heart of St Paul by Pereira, Francis Hands to the needy: Mother d'Youville, apostle to the poor: by Mary Pauline Fitts, G.N.S.H. Histoire de l'apôtre Paul: ou faire chrétien le monde by H.D. Saffrey I Believe in God by Claudel, Paul I1 Ruolo dello SPirito Santo nel passaggio dall uomo vecchio all'uomo nuovo secondo san Paolo by Mieezyslaw Lubomirski SJ In the thick of his ministry by Martini, Carlo Maria Index to periodical literature on the apostle Paul by Metzger, Bruce M Initiation à la doctrine spirituelle de Saint Paul: dix méditations sur le texte des épîtres by Lyonnet, Stanislas Initiation à la doctrine spirituelle de Saint Paul: dix méditations sur le texte des épîtres by Lyonnet, Stanislas James Alberione: apostle for our times by Rolfo, Luigi Jesus and Paul by Murphy-O'Connor, Jerome Jesus is Lord by Blenkinsopp,Joseph Jesus: God's emptiness, God's fullness: the Christology of St. Paul by Jennings B. Reid L'Amour du Père et du Fils dans la sotériologie de Saint Paul by Kazimierz Romaniuk L'apôtre Paul: personnalité, style et conception du ministère by A. Vanhoye (ed.) L'Évangile de Paul by Joseph Bonsirven L'Itinéraire spirituel de Saint Paul by Cerfaux, Lucien La Conversion de Saint Paul by G. Lohfink La Didaché: Instructions des apotres by Jean-Paul Audet La Mystique de l'apôtre Paul by Albert Schweitzer La pensée de Saint Paul: by Maritain, Jacques La pensée de Saint Paul: textes choisis et presentés by Jacques Maritain La théologie de Saint Paul by F. Prat Law in Paul's thought: a contribution to the development of Pauline theology by Hnber, Hans Le Discours de Milet: testament pastoral de Saint Paul Actes 20,18-36 by Jacques Dupont OSB Le GTnie littéraire de Saint Paul by Brunot, AmTdTe Litany of the Heart of Jesus: Angelus meditations of Pope John Paul II by John Paul II Litany of the Heart of Jesus: Angelus meditations of Pope John Paul II by John Paul II Matthew and Paul: a comparison of ethical perspectives by MOHRLANG, Roger Matthew and Paul: a comparison or ethical perspectives by Roger Mahrlang Moore: by Levy, Paul My brother Paul by Richard L. Rubenstein New Testament Reading Guide nos. 1-7 by AHERN, Barnabas M. One untimely born by Cate, Robert L Opposition to Paul in Jewish Christianity by Gerd Luedemann Paul by Gunther Bornkamm Paul by Martin Dibelius Paul by Lucas Grollenberg Paul by E.P. Sanders Paul by FitzPatrick, Joseph P. Paul by Becker, Jürgen Paul and his interpreters: a critical history by SCHWEITZER Albert Paul and his letters by KECK, Leander E. Paul and his message for life 's journey by Thompson, William G. Paul and his predecessors by HUNTER, Archibald M. Paul and his recent interpreters by ELLIS, E. Earle Paul and Paulinism: essays in honour of C.K. Barrett by HOOKER, M.D. and WILSON, S.G. Paul and politics: Ekklesia, Israel, imperium, interpretation by HORSLEY, Richard A. Paul and power: the structure of authority in the primitive Church as reflected in the Pauline epistles by HOLMBERG, Bengt Paul and the anatomy of apostolic authority by Schütz, John Howard Paul and the Christian woman by BYRNE, Brendan Paul and the popular philosophers by MALHERBE, Abraham J. Paul and the Thessalonians by MALHERBE, Abraham J. 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Reflections on the creed by Lavery,Hugh RFglement de comptes avec Saint Paul by Jean Paillard Saint Paul by Michael Grant Saint Paul by Michael Grant Saint Paul by Ernest Renan Saint Paul and his message by Amedee Brunot SCJ Saint Paul and his mission by Constant Fouard Saint Paul et la prière: prière et évangelisation by Louis Monloubou Saint Paul et le mystère du Christ by Claude Tresmontant Saint Paul et Rome by Norbert Hugedé Saint Paul et ses lettres: état de la question by Beda Rigaux Saint Paul: and the mystery of Chrlst by Claude Tresmontant Saint Paul: envoy of grace by Robert Sencourt St Paul steward of the mysteries by Pacwa, Mitch St. Paul by Arthur DarNock St. Paul by Norman Madsen St. Paul by Giordani Igino St. Paul and Epicurus by Norman Wentworth DeWitt St. Paul and the Church of the Gentiles by Wilfred L. Knox St. Paul in Greece by Otto F.A. Meinardus St. Paul's theology of proclamation: 1 Corinthians 1-4 & Greco-Roman rhetoric by Duane Litfin The Apostle of God by White, John L The apostle Paul by Evans, C.F. et al. The ApostlePaul: an introduction to his writings and teaching by SOARDS Marion L The Churches the apostles left behind by BROWN Raymond E The Conversion of St. Paul: narrative & history in Acts by Gerhard Lohfink The Epistles of Paul The apostle to the Colossians and to Philemon : introduction & commentary by C.F.D. Moule The First urban Christians by Meeks, Wayne A The Form and function of the body of the Greek Letter: a study of The Letter-body in the non-literary papyri & in Paul The apostle by John Lee White The genius of Paul: a study in history by Sandmel, Samuel The Hero of Molokai: Father Damien apostle of the Lepers by Omer Englebert The last years of Saint Paul by Fouard, Constant The legend and the apostle by MacDonald, Dennis Ronald The Letters of Paul by Roetzel, Calvin J The Letters of St. Paul: modern studies by Rigaux, Beda The Liturgy of the Holy Apostles Adai & Mari: together with the liturgies of Mar Theodorus & Mar Nestorius by Nestorian Church - Liturgy|Paul, K. A.|Mooken, George The Mind of St. Paul by William Barclay The ministry and message of Paul by Longenecker,Richard The mysticism of Paul the Apostle by Albert Schweitzer The office of apostle in the early Church by Walter Schmithals The origins of anti-Semitism: attitudes toward Judaism in pagan & Christian antiquity by John G. Gager The personality of St. Paul by Lapide, Cornelius A The Salvation of the gentiles: essays on the Acts of the Apostles by Jacques Dupont OSB. The secret of Paul the apostle by Joseph A. Grassi The testimony of St. Paul: meditations on the life and letters of St. Paul by Carlo Maria Martini The theology of Saint Paul by Fernand Prat SJ The Tombs of St. Peter & St. Paul by Engelbert Kirschbaum SJ The unknown Paul: essays on Luke-Acts & early Christian history by Jacob Jervell Theology and ethics in Paul and his interpreters: essays in honor of Victor Paul Furnish by Eugene H. Lovering, Jerry L. Sumney (ed.) Understanding Paul's ethics: twentieth century approaches by Brain S. Rosner (ed.) Vie morale et Trinité sainte selon saint Paul by C. Spicq OP Walking between the times: Paul's moral reasoning by J. Paul Sampley What are they saying about Paul? by Joseph Plevnik SJ