Sudan books RSS feed for public list Sudan books African childhoods : Anatomy of violence: by Gebrewold-Tochalo, Belachew, Biafra : by Baxter, Peter, Church initiatives for peace in Uganda and Sudan: by Jada, Edward Confronting ethnic conflict: by De Maio, Jennifer L. Darfur by Flint, Julie and Waal, Alex de Darfur by Prunier, GĂ©rard Darfur by Flint, Julie and Waal,Alex de Effects of conflict on youth in Africa by Manasseh,Daaniel Zindo Humanity in crisis: by Hollenbach, David Inside Sudan: by Petterson, Don Inside Sudan: political Islam, conflict, and catastrophe by PETTERSON, Donald Kenya's economic diplomacy in post-conflict societies by Mongola, Rozina Rose Wawuda Mediation of civil wars: by Assefa, Hizkias Oil, profits, and peace : by Shankleman, Jill Overcoming gender conflict and bias: by Jambo, Suzanne Samson Peace building & civic education, Sudan Church leaders {Workshop Report} Placing gender in the mainstream: Religion and conflict in Sudan: by Hasan, Yusuf Fadl & Gray Richard (ed.) Saviors and survivors : by Mamdani, Mahmood, Saviors and survivors : by Mamdani, Mahmood, The logic of ethnic and religious conflict in Africa by McCauley, John F. The mediator: by Waihenya, Waithaka The role of regional organizations in conflict management: by Mulu, Francis K. Tracing unintended consequences of humanitarian assistance Trauma healing by Alex, Cisella Asha War in Darfur by Waal, Alex de (ed) War of visions: by Deng, Francis M. War wounds: development costs of conflict in Southern Sudan by Nigel Twose & Benjamin Pogrund (ed.)