Free churches RSS feed for public list Free churches A Place to feel at home by Welbourn, F B and Ogot B.A. Christianity and the Kikuyu: by David P. Sandgren Christianity, politics and Public life in Kenya by Gifford, Paul Contemporary Pentecostal Christianity: by Asamoah-Gyadu, J. Kwabena Essential and paramount reasons for working independently by Mwasi,Yesaya Zerenji Evangelicalism & the future of Christianity by Alister McGrath History of Christianity in Kenya 1844-1977: by J.K. Gakobo (ed.) Kenya Churches handbook by David B. Barrett et al. (ed.) Modern African spirituality : by Rasmussen, Ane Marie Bak, Pentecostalism: by Walter J. Hollenweger Prophetic Christianity and the liberation movement in South Africa by Peter Walshe The freedom of the Spirit: by Githieya, Francis Kimani They pray for you ...: by Lagerwerf, Leny Women of fire and spirit: by Cynthia Hoehler-Fatton Zimbabwe: by Ambrose Moyo