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Books Written by Lecturers of Hekima College

Over one hundred books have so far been published by various publishing houses:

  1. Laurenti Magesa, The Church and Liberation in Africa, 1976, 57pp.
  2. Varghese Malpan, A Comparative Study of the Bhagavad-Gita and the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola on the Process of Spiritual Liberation, 1992, 442pp.
  3. Cecil McGarry, Rodrigo Mejia, Valerian Shirima, A Light on Our Path: a Pastoral Contribution to the Synod for Africa, 1993, 148 pp.
  4. Terry Charlton ed., Exploring Our Christian Life: In the Light of the African Synod, 1994, 182 pp.
  5. Cecil McGarry, (Editor, with contributions from eight students of Hekima College): What Happened at the African Synod?, 1995, 192 pp.
  6. Laurenti Magesa, African Religion: The Moral Traditions of Abundant Life, 1997, 296pp
    Second Edition 1998, 256pp.
  7. Agbonkianmeghe E. Orobator, The Church as Family, African Ecclesiology in Its Social Context, 2000, 184 pp.
  8. Terry Charlton, ed., Spirituality for Lay Christians, At the Dawn of the Third Millennium, 2000, 159 pp.
  9. Laurenti Magesa, Christian Ethics in Africa, 2002
  10. Laurenti Magesa, Anatomy of Inculturation: Transforming the Church in Africa, 2004, 311pp.
  11. Jean-Marie Hyacinthe Quenum, Le Dieu de la solidarite qui vient a l'Africain Editions de L'UCAO, 2005, 251pp.
  12. Aquiline Tarimo, Applied Ethics and Africa’s Social Reconstruction 2005, 196 pp.
  13. Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator, From Crisis to Kairos The Mission of the Church in the time of HIV/AIDS, Refugees and Poverty, 2005, 287 pp.
  14. Elias Omondi Opongo, Making Choices for Peace, 2006, 192 pp.
  15. Laurenti Magesa, Rethinking Mission: Evangelization in Africa in a New Era, 2006, 96pp.
  16. Agbonkhianmeghe. E. Orobator and Elias O. Opongo, Faith doing Justice 2007, 96 pp.
  17. Aquiline Tarimo and Paulin Manwelo, African Peacemaking and Governance, 2007, 170 pp, Second Edition 2008, 225 pp.
  18. Aquiline Tarimo, Human Rights and Cultural Differences, 2004, 279 pp.
  19. Aquiline Tarimo and P. Manwelo, eds., Ethnicity, Conflict, and the Future of African States, 2009, 118 pp.
  20. Kifle Wansamo, Towards Building Stability in a Multiethnic / National Society, 2009, 424pp.
  21. Laurenti Magesa, African Religion in the Dialogue Debate: From Intolerance to Coexistence, 2010, 203 pp.
  22. Varghese Malpan, Seeing the Rainbow in Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, 2012, 240 pp.
  23. Marcel Uwineza Risen from the Ashes, 2022, 255pp.
  24. Marcel Uwineza, Elisee Rutagambwa and Michel Kamanzi, eds. Reinventing Theology in Post-Genocide Rwanda, 2023, 422pp.
  25. Kifle Wansamo, Transitional Justice in Post-Conflict Societies in Africa, 2018, 263pp.
  26. Peter Knox, AIDS, Ancestors and Salvation, 2008.
  27. Peter Knox, Catholics and Protestants in Africa, 2022, 362pp.
  28. Chukwuemeka Orji, Mary of Bethany called the Magdalene, 2018, 195pp.
  29. Chukwuemeka Orji, Seven Words with a Woman of Samaria, 2014, 135pp.
  30. Chukwuemeka Orji, In Towns and Villages, 2005.
  31. Chukwuemeka Orji, Risen , 2005.
  32. Jean Luc Enyegue, Competing Catholicisms, 2022, 299pp.
  33. Jean Luc Enyegue The Jesuit Ethos, 2023, 231pp.
  34. Johny Thachuparamban, Jesus and the Law in the Matthean Community, 2011.
  35. Mary Nzilani Wambua, Promotion of Religious Community Life for Effective Evangelical Witness, 2022, 283pp.
  36. Anthony Egan, Deepening Friendship with God, 2016, 129pp.
  37. Wilfred Sumani, Mothers of Faith, 2019, 298pp.
  38. Wilfred Sumani, On Fire with Praise, 2018, 224pp.
  39. Agbonkianmeghe Orobator, Theology Brewed in an African Pot, 2008, 152pp.
  40. Agbonkianmeghe Orobator, Le SIDA interpelle le monde chretien, 2006.
  41. Agbonkianmeghe Orobator, The Church we Want, 2016, 272pp.
  42. Agbonkianmeghe Orobator, Religion and Faith in Africa, 2018.
  43. Agbonkianmeghe Orobator, The Pope and the Pandemic, 2021, 154p.
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