Library History

The library is the result of years of hard work by Fr. Eddie Murphy, S.J. who, as Chief Librarian from 1980 - 2003, collected, classified and developed the collection. In 2013 Fr Jocelyn Rabeson, S.J., the current Librarian, and Fr Matthew Charlesworth, S.J., one of the students, moved the library catalogue to a new online presence. The large theology section is well worth a visit. The library emphasizes African authors in all subjects and the Peace Studies section is growing rapidly. French is well-represented.

In 2014 Hekima College celebrated two milestones: its 30th Anniversary as a College and the publication of its 50th issue of Hekima Review, celebrating its continuous publication since it was started in 1988. These celebrations were also taking place within the larger context of the celebration of 200 years of the Restoration of the Society of Jesus, the religious order of priests and brothers who founded and sponsor Hekima College.

As a contribution to these celebrations, and in a small attempt to advance African Theology by making it better known, a South African scholastic in his final year of studying at Hekima College, Matthew Charlesworth, S.J., decided to set to work on attempting to digitise the available Collection of Hekima Review. This was prompted in part by the celebrations of that time, but also in recognition of the fact that the earliest of the issues of Hekima Review were in danger of fading away. So began a term of locating missing issues and scanning in as much as possible to preserve against future deterioration and to make it accessible to the broader public so that the rich heritage of the Review, and of African Theology discussed by its students, could be better known, especially to those students and scholars of the 'online' generation.

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